Personal Information

Au pair Candidate:              Lanie***

ID:                                           9809110***

Address:                                *** Rothdene

Date of Birth:                       11/09/1998

Marital status:                     Single

Languages:                           Afrikaans and English

Religion:                               Christian

Health:                                   Excellent

Availability & Salary Requirement

Monday – Friday: Time from:  All day

Salary:                                            R6000 plus petrol

Vehicle:                                         Corsa Lite


Driver’s license:                Code B (08)

Senior Certificate             Grade 12

My Motivation

I want to work and save up money, so I would be able to go study to become a counselor. After my studies I want to become a teacher in China for a few years then when I’m done I want to go into a specific career in counselling.

I’m hardworking, trustworthy and I have a lot of experience with children from my previous Au pair experiences.

They always brighten up my day. It’s very fulfilling to work with kids when you build such strong, close relationships with them and their parents.

I’m the most comfortable working with children 6 and up.

My strong qualities are that I’m trustworthy, motivated, hardworking and positive. My weak quality is that I’m very giving so I don’t like giving punishment to children.

What makes me happy is when people around me are happy. Being outdoors, traveling, and growing as person makes me happy.

What makes me unhappy is when people around me aren’t happy with me, like when it depends on work or something I’ve done wrong.

Career History:

Private Household ***America

Period:                                                  01/22/2018 to 12/19/2019

Position:                                              Live in Au pair in America

Working Hours:                               Varies day by day. Normally from 6am to 9 am with breaks throughout the day.

Age of the children:                      8, 10, 13, 15.

Reason for leaving:                        I finished my program.


  • Driving them to school and after school activities.
  • Preparing breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.
  • Homework help House sit and dog sit.
  • Light housework like the children’s laundry,
  • Vacuuming their rooms, and cleaning any mess they may have made in and around the house.
  • Playtime.
  • Getting them ready for bed.

Skills and Interests:

Baking: Love making cupcakes or muffins.

Cooking:  Love making spaghetti.

Active activities: Exercise, riding bike, swimming.


Examples: Photography and writing poetry

Persoonlike verwysings:

Heila is Lanie se ma,

Lanie bly in haar ouerhuis in Rothdene

In Amerika het sy  vir twee verskillende gesinne ge Au pair.

Sy is tog ferm en liefdevol van aard, y het baie liefde omte deel.

Die Amerikaanse kinders was besig en Lanie kon baie goed aanpas by die kultuur verskil asook aanpas by hulle verwagting hoe hul verkies om kinders tevesorg.

Lanie kan praat as iets haar pla en dit uitklaar haarself..

Lanie het uithaar pad gegaan vir haargesinne in Amerika, sy was deel van die gesinne en nie n buitestaander nie.

Lanie rook glad nie.

Lanie se ma noem verder dat haar  planne vir die volgende 5 jaar moontlik sal wees  om graag testudeer  vir sielkunde.

Kosmos kleuterskool (Verwysing)

Eienaar Rosalina ….

Alhoewel Lanie n tyd gelede daar uitgehelp het , kan sy haar baie goed onthou, Lanie word beskryf as n oulike kind met goeie kommunikasie vermoens en sy was n aanwins vir die kleuterskool, die kinders het aanklank by haar gevind.

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