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Personal Information

Au pair Candidate:                           Mari ***

ID:                                                          961015***

Address:                                              ***Vanderbijlpark

Contact number:                              07801****

Date of Birth:                                     1996/10/15

Marital status:                                   Single

Languages:                                         Afrikaans , English

Religion:                                               Christian

Health:                                                  Very Good



Availability & Salary Requirement

Monday – Friday: Time from:         8h:00 – 18h:00

Salary:                                                   R 6000 per month





Driver’s license:                Code B (08)

Own Vehicle:                     2011

Senior Certificate             Grade 12

Student:                              Yes

Tertiary Education:         NWU Potchefstroom (4 years studied Teaching)





My Motivation

To learn more and more about children, how they think, reason and develop. My plans for the future are to open a kindergarten to give young children a chance to help learners develop and grow to their full potential. I also want to pursue a degree in Business studies as well as early childhood development to help me get the knowledge I need to open the kindergarten.


I believe that the child’s needs and values come first. Not only am I an caring, patient and hardworking individual.

I also believe that we learn something from children everyday as well as them learning something new from adults. So my main idea is to gain a mutual understanding, respectful and friendly relationship with the child and to help them gain knowledge and insight for the future. I believe that I can not only help your child develop in academics but on the sport field as well.



Children are the most truthful and open individuals when they are developing and growing. I am very interested in the fact that we can learn something new every day from children.


I am more comfortable with children the ages of 5+, because of my practical experiences during my studies I had more to do with children between the ages of 8 and 9 and did an au pair job for a 5 year old boy.


My strengths: I am extremely patient and care deeply for others.

My weakness: I think my patience is also my weak point because sometimes it gets the best of me.


Things that make me happy is when children learn something new. When they get excited about the little things in life and when they have a mutual understanding and relationship with you that can help you and the child to develop in the future.









Career History:

Private Household ***Au pair or Nanny or Childminder

Period:                                 ± 1 year

Position:                              Temporary Au pair

Working Hours:                Half day work, depending on when the family needed me.


Age of the children:       5 year old boy

Reason for leaving:         The employers working hours changed, which led to them not needing an au pair anymore.


  • Duties:
  • Had to prepare lunch and sometimes dinner.
  • I helped with homework and other activities.
  • Dropped the child of at school and picked him up after school.



Skills and Interests:

Skills: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, good communicator

Interests: Sport, especially field hockey. Nature and hiking, reading books.

Baking:            Cookies, Muffins, Cakes, pancakes and flapjacks.

Cooking:         Pasta, Rice, Meat and vegetables etc.

Hobbies:         Hockey

Examples:       Playing field hockey and staying active



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