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Personal Information

Au pair Candidate:              Anien***

ID:                                          9812210**

Address:                                *** Potchefstroom

Date of Birth:                       1998-12-21

Marital status:                     Single

Languages:                           Afrikaans

Religion:                               Christian

Health:                                  Excellent


 Availability & Salary Requirement

Monday – Friday: Time from:  13h – 19h

Salary:             Negotiable From R3500


Driver’s license:                Code B (08)

Own Vehicle:                     Kia Picanto 2006, CY 235-617

Senior Certificate             Grade 12

Student:                              Yes

Tertiary Education:          NWU Potchefstroom


My Motivation

I am currently a 3rd year student planning on doing my honor’s in industrial psychology next year. After that I plan on applying for a job, whether it is nearby or in the Western Cape where I come from.


I am a driven, hardworking dedicated, person full of energy and passionate about working with kids. I put in effort and will also walk the extra mile.


I have 2 brothers of the age 12 and 16 whom I love to play with and help with homework. I also have a 5-year-old nephew whom I pay a lot of attention to.

I have always been fond of kids, I have the energy, patience and passion to work with them.

Children are the youth of our country and with the right education and the necessary attention; they will grow up to lead our future the right direction.


I will be comfortable to work with children of any age, teenagers or primary school.


I am a fun, lovable girl, with honesty, organization, patience, spontaneity, self-confidence, willingness and loyalty as values.

Some of my weaknesses include having trouble to say no, perfectionism and biting my nails.


I love to see the people I care about being happy. It makes me happy to help others.

I do not like it when people suffer, it makes me sad to see children unhappy or to be able not to help someone in need.


Career History: Family Au pair

***Family Children

Period:                                  2016

Position:                              Au pair and Helper

Working Hours:                From 14:00-17:00

Age of Children:               12 year old and 16 year old (My Brothers)


I have experience working with my younger brothers and cousins.

I have 2 brothers of the age 12 and 16 whom I love to play with and help with homework. I also have a 5-year-old nephew whom I pay a lot of attention to.

  • Homework
  • Take to school
  • Take to different activities
  • Help with tasks
  • Summarise work


Skills and Interests:


I love baking, especially sweet treats such as cheesecake, muffins, cupcakes, peppermint crisp tart, brownies and rice rice crispy cookies.


I am still learning to cook, but I live on my own, so I attend to make pasta, spaghetti, vegetables, mince, sausages, chicken, salad, wraps and anything potatos related.


My hobbies include watching television, listening to music, reading, spending time with my family and friends, exercising, spending time outdoors and doing fun activities such as road tripping to new places. I am spontaneous and love trying to do things I have never done before.


Which of the following duties are Anien** comfortable to do?


  • Transportation of kids:
  • Meal Preparations for the kids:
  • Light shopping when needed for the family:
  • School homework, tasks and exam preparations assist:
  • Tidying around the kids:
  • Taking care of other children besides your assigned family.
  • Packing and getting kids organized for next day.
  • Bathing or get kids ready for bath.
  • Fed the animals
  • Walk the animals
  • Willing to attend a birthday party of the kid on a Saturday.
  • Sleep over once in a while when needed.
  • Work on a weekend when need arise

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