Personal Information

  • Housekeeper Candidate: Sanna ****
  • Address: Irak, Zamdela
  • Birth date: 01/04/1979
  • ID Number: 790401 *****
  • Languages: Afrikaans, English Home language: S. Sotho
  • Health: Good (High Blood)
  • Marital status: Married
  • Dependents: ages : 1 (13 Years)




Availability & Salary Requirement

  • Mondays – Fridays
  • Travel to work
  • Salary: R3500 p/m



  • Grade 9


Career History:

Housekeeper / Monica / Nanescol / Sasolburg

  • Period: 2000 – 2013 (Full time)
    • 2014 – Current (When needed)
  • Position: Housekeeper / Cook
  • Working Hours: 5 Days a week
  • Reason for termination: Financially cannot afford her anymore




  • Cleaning:
    • Vacuum and cleaning of the house
    • Laundry and ironing,
    • Window and curtain washing
  • Cooking:
    • Meats
    • Rice
    • Vegetables (green beans, pumpkin, potatoes)
    • Pap & wors
    • Sauce




Career History:

Housekeeper / Hester / Sasolburg

  • Period: January 2019 – Current
  • Position: Housekeeper
  • Working Hours: 1 Days a week (Fridays)
  • Reason for termination: Looking for full time position
  • Salary: R150 p/d




  • Cleaning:
    • Vacuum and cleaning of the house
    • Laundry and ironing,
    • Window and curtain washing



Skills and Interests

  • Loves cooking
  • Friendly personality
  • Very good Afrikaans and English communication
  • Very loyal towards her employers


Reference feedback:

According to the work references: Monica


Sanna worked for us from 2000 – 2013 on a fulltime basis. From 2014 up to now on a ad hoc base.


We had our own guesthouse as well, where Sanna helped with the following:

  • Catering and cooking of the food
  • Laid the tables
  • Cleaning of the rooms and bathrooms
  • Bed making, etc.

Sanna looked after our kids (Grade 1 and 3 in high school) when we were busy. She helped them with homework and tasks.

She did the cleaning, laundry and ironing and cooking for us. Sanna work very well, she can take initiative. Never did we notice that small things went missing, my arrangement with Sanna was that she must always ask if she needs something, so she did.. I said to her and the other staff that I will not lock away my things. Sanna was also very protective and managed my home with great care.


Regards to work liability, Sanna were always at work, never had excuses, she will come to work if she was sick.

She was very humble towards me and we had a respectful relationship, I still call her to help me now and then when I need ad hoc help in my home.


She used to work full time till 2013, when we relocated. When we return to Sasolburg in 2014 Sanna worked for us 3 days a week until our kids were out of the house and thereafter when needed.

My daughters also call Sanna when they need someone.

Sanna is very loyal and trustworthy. I can recommend her to anyone.

We also teaches Sanna how to do massages, which she can do pretty well.

Sanna’s husband is also working for my husband, for almost 20 years now.


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