Martha moi

Personal Information

  • Housekeeper Candidate: Martha ***
  • Address: Amelia
  • Birth date: 1974/04/02
  • ID Number: 740402 *****
  • Languages: Afrikaans Home language: S. Sotho
  • Health: Good
  • Marital status: Single
  • Dependents: ages : 3 (29, 24, 5 Years)



Availability & Salary Requirement

  • Mondays – Fridays
  • Travel to work daily
  • Salary: R3500 p/m
  • Available immediately



  • Grade 11


Career History:

Housekeeper / Roets Family / Vaalpark

  • Period: ± 10 Years (Sept 2009 – Sept 2019)
  • Position: Housekeeper, Cook
  • Working Hours: 6 Days a week
  • Reason for termination: They relocated to Alberton (a Smaller place with no live in facilities)




  • Housekeepers
    • General cleaning of the house
    • Laundry and ironing
    • Washing of windows and curtains
    • Spring cleaning
  • Cooking
    • Lasagna
    • Mince and pasta
    • Stews



Skills and Interests

  • Friendly personality
  • Very good Afrikaans communication
  • Loves to cook



Reference feedback:

According to the work references: Roets Family


Martha is a kind, compassionate, loyal and humble worker. She was punctual and never took off from work except for her monthly visit to the clinic for the morning but came in to work after.

She can be a bit slow at times but thorough. In the 10 years of her service with me she never lost her temper or showed any negative attitude.

If it was not for the distance and time it took to travel from Alberton to her home in Sasolburg, I would have kept her until pension. I am sure she will be an advantage to anyone hiring her.

Furthermore to the above, Martha can cook anything with regards to vegetables, starches and meat and did so over the 10 years for us. She took initiative to take out meat and vegetables on her own preparing it to any household standard.

I’ve personally trained Martha to cook; she can cook very tasty dishes. From “Paptert” any meat, potatoes, veggies etc. She is a fast learner and loves to learn new things.

Martha can plan her own schedule and knows what is expected from her. I only told her what to do, should I have something else than her normal schedule.

It is very sad to let her go, but I stay in a townhouse complex in Alberton and it is too far for her to travel daily. I would recommend Martha to anyone.

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