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Personal Information (Nanny Housekeeper)

  • Candidate:                                 Emily****
  • Address:                                     Evaton
  • Birth date:                                  1973-07-19
  • ID Number:                                730709 *****
  • Languages:                                 English & Afrikaans
  • Home Language:                       Sotho
  • Health:                                        Excellent
  • Marital status:                           Widow
  • Dependents:                              2 :  Ages  19 & 11
  • Religion: Christian

Availability & Salary Requirement

  • Monday – Friday
  • Live out
  • Salary R4000.00 per month
  • Can start immediately


  • Grade 11
  • Childminding Nanny Course

Career History:

Nanny / Ilze / Vanderbijlpark

  • Period:                                         May 2018 – October 2019
  • Position:                                      Nanny
  • Working Hours:                     Monday – Friday
  • Reason for termination:     Child went to school
  • Ages of children:                     3 – 22 Months


  • Childminding:
    • Duties: Bath them
    • Prepare and give them food
    • Change nappies
    • Sterilizing bottles
    • Taking care of the baby

Career History:

Housekeeper and Child minder / Venter Family / Rissiville

  • Period:                                         March 2017 – April 2018
  • Position:                                     Housekeeper and child minder
  • Working Hours:                    Monday – Friday / then only 3 days
  • Reason for termination:    Found a full time job
  • Ages of children:                    8 Years


  • Childminding:
    • Duties: give him food after school
    • Assist with homework where needed
  • Cleaning
    • General cleaning of the house
    • Ironing only
    • Cleaning lapa
    • Clean the dogs’ food bows and give clean water

Career History:

Nanny, housekeeper / Burger Family / Rissiville

  • Period:                                         2003 – 2015
  • Position:                                     Nanny housekeeper
  • Working Hours:                     Monday – Friday
  • Reason for termination:     They relocated
  • Ages of children:                    2 – 6 months, 8 years


  • Nanny:
    • Duties: Bath them
    • Prepare and give them food
    • Change nappies
    • Sterilizing bottles
    • Taking care of the baby
    • Potty training
  • Cleaning:
    • Laundry & Ironing
    • General cleaning of the house
  • Cooking
    • Prepare lunch for the kids
    • Toasted sandwiches
    • Eggs
    • Vegetables
    • Rice, meat
    • Pap

Skills and Interests

  • Cooking
  • Loves children
  • Very good English and Afrikaans communication

Reference feedback:

According to the work references: Ilze

  • Emily worked for us about 1 ½ years. She was looking after our baby, feed her, nappy change, sterilizing and preparing bottles. She was always at work, never late or excuses not to come.
  • She has a friendly and talkative personality. Emily is a very good nanny and I would recommend her anytime.
  • In the period that she worked for us, has nothing ever gone missing – she is very loyal and trustworthy.

According to the references: Venter family

Emily worked for from March 2017. I know she was looking for full time employment. I would definitely recommend her. Her work speed is not very fast, but she will finish her work the next day. She works thoroughly and she can take own initiative. She is always on time at work and will never take anything that is not given to her. She is very pleasant person to work with.

According to the references: Burger family

  • Emily worked at my office for three years and then at my home for 9 years. She was my cleaner and also occasionally looked after my children. She has very good English and Afrikaans communication. Emily is very punctual and took very little sick leave. Always well informed before hand. She is always willing and able to follow instructions independently.
  • She had a key, knew how to work the alarm and would even during the holidays check on the house or come in for extra work. She is very trustworthy. We had no problems that anything gone missing. She would always ask if she needed something. Even stuff we threw out she would ask first if she could have it. She would occasionally cook for the children in the afternoon or do basic preparation for the evening’s food as requested
  • Quiet, respectful, but good sense of humor. Easy to get along with and stable mood. I would not hesitate to employ her again.
  • Her duties: Cleaning of home, all rooms, dishes, washing, ironing, small meals for kids in afternoon, occasional child minding, cleaning tiles, bedding, curtains etc. general domestic tasks. Some filing for my office and also banking and general purchases of cleaning materials etc.

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