Personal Information

Au pair Candidate:                              Ali **

ID:                                                          990305****

Address:                                              ****Vanderbyjilpark  S.E.3

Date of Birth:                                     1999/03/05

Marital status:                                   Single

Languages:                                         Afrikaans and English

Religion:                                              Christian

Health:                                                 Excellent


Availability & Salary Requirement

Monday – Friday:

Half day: From 13:00 – 18:00   R4800   Petrol included

Full day available:        From 08h:00-17h:00  R 5000.00 per month.


Driver’s license:                Code B (08)

Own Vehicle:                     Hyundai i20 elite 2019 model

Senior Certificate             Grade 12

Student:                              Yes

Tertiary Education:         Psychology (UNISA)

Tertiary Education  Certificates

  • Evergreen children education course.
  • Birth – 2 years play based learning course.
  • 2 – 5 years play based learning course.
  • Grade 1-3 play based learning course.
  • Unisa student 1 st year (Phycology)


My Motivation

My Plans for the following 5 years include, finishing my studies to get my degree in Phycology, to be an Au pair for a period of 4 years or more, to do courses in child development and in the medical field and baking courses to improve my basic baking skills, I would also like to travel in my spare time.

I have a passion for children from an early stage in my life I have worked from a young age in the direction that I am very passionate about and that is with children, I am a very loving and loyal person and my goal is to be able help as many children help as I can. I am excellent in my line of work I would also like to build up more experience in this line of work to develop to my fullest potential, Kids to me is what makes me happy if I can be around children then I am happy, I am very hardworking and independent I also have a very strong personality which helps me in my line of work, I am always on time or early and I will always do more for people then what is expected of me. I also have one year of experience with special needs children.


I have a great love for children due to the fact that every child is special in his/her own way every child is not the same and that makes them special.  Children are honest and always express what they feel, children like to try new things and learn new things, Children believes and hopes are stronger than most adults meaning that they are more passionate and they always stand firm in their beliefs. I can learn a lot from children and that’s why I love children so greatly, children always have an uplifting spirit and they don’t pretend to be someone or something they are not Children is truly a blessing.


I am a very flexible person but I prefer to work with children aged 0 – 16 upwards


Strong points:

I am Punctual.

I am very observing.

I am Generous.

I am helpful and understanding.

I am honest, loyal and trustworthy.

I am very hard working.

I am always on time or too early.


Weak points:

My motivation may come off as if I am putting a lot of strain on certain students.

Sometimes it may come off as if I am too strict.

I have very strong beliefs of how certain things should be done which is sometimes overpowering.


It makes me happy to cook and bake.

It makes me happy to be around children.

It makes me happy to be around my friends and family


Career History: Vanderbijlpark Host Family

Period:                                  September 2020-Feb 2020

Position:                              Au pair

Working Hours:               Monday – Friday

Children:                             2 children, Was Grade 0 and Grade 3



  • Help with homework
  • Help with tasks and extra work
  • Help on computer
  • Help with writing
  • Planning their work according their schedules of schoolwork and subjects.

Ok the activities i did with the children included homework activities extra work activities preparing my 4 year old for Grade R we regularly went to the park to play or swim i drove around for my Aupair mom and i drove the kiddies around wherever needed, i took Alix to the paediatrician regularly i gave the children food and cleaned after them. Tidying up their rooms.


 Private Tutoring**School Vanderbijlpark Tutoring

Period:                                  March 2019-Current

Position:                              Tutoring

Working Hours:               Saturdays, and during the week  (3 hours it differs)

Children:                             6 children

Subjects:                             English and Afrikaans



  • Extra Classes for pre-school and after school all grades
  • English improvement
  • Afrikaans extra classes
  • Work alone in a class on Saturdays work with 6 children
  • Help with homework
  • Follow a curriculum
  • Help on computer
  • Help with writing
  • Planning their work according their schedules of schoolwork and subjects.
  • Drivio, Help with driving lessons


Career History: 

Private Household ***Au pair Vanderbijlpark

Period:                                  2 Months 2019

Position:                              Au Pair

Working Hours:                6 – 8/9 She lived in with me and my Family so it was basically a full day job.

Age of the children:       13

Reason for leaving:         The Family immigrated back to China that’s why the period is such a short time.


I prepared meals for Ziyan 3 times a day,

I cleaned after her and did her laundry for her,

I assisted Ziyan in homework, learning English and Afrikaans and examination preparation.

I took Ziyan out on outings like going to the cinema etc.

I transported Ziyan to school and back.



Period:                                  6 FEB 2018 – March 2019

Position:                              After school teacher.

Working Hours:              12:00-18:00

Children:                             7-13

Reason for leaving:              Got better opportunity



  • Help clean the kids
  • Give them their lunch for the afternoons
  • Help them with their tests and exams to learn
  • Children with special needs
  • One child was a quadriplegic he was 13 in a wheelchair help to go to bathroom
  • One girl was grade 1 she is 9 and give attention to her she was also born with not enough oxygen on the brain I had to help her with extra help she was not good in academic, help her with her special needs.
  • One boy was death and communication was difficult I had to teach him different ways and it gets better afterwards.



Skills and Interests:

Baking: I had my own bakery right after I graduated matric for a year I was baking while working at Shalom, my love for baking came from the age of 6 since me and my grandma always used to bake together, I can bake anything you expect me to bake my skills with sugar art is not so well as well as my royal icing skills, but my butter icing is excellent.

Cooking:  My love for cooking also came from a very young age at 8, I had to prepare meals for me and my mother at a young age since we lived alone and she was working long hours, also me and my dad shares a love for cooking from that age and we still always cook together, I can cook about almost everything.


My hobbies include fishing, traveling, camping, being with my family and friends, reading or watching movies.


I and my family and friends spend a lot of time going out doing fun activities, exploring. I am a very outgoing person so I like to see and do new things. I also like my alone time which is when I tend to read or watch a movie.

Traceable references:

Reference was confirmed at the Tutoring school.

She is perfect with children and she were a client at Drivio School and she was use to study there, and that is how they offered her the position to help with the 2 subjects in English and Afrikaans cause she is busy with studying Psychology, so she was qualified to help the children with their work.

She is always helpful.



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