Seipati Pic

Personal Information

  • Housekeeper and cook: Seipati
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Female
  • ID Number: 840424****
  • Address: Sebokeng
  • Languages: Sesotho, Afrikaans/ English
  • Very healthy (was 6 years ago in a car accident)
  • Dependents (17 year old girl)
  • Married: Only Boyfriend

Availability & Salary Requirement

  • Monday – Friday
  • R3500 per month
  • Travel job
  • Available immediately


  • Grade 10
  • Drivers’ License

Career History:

2006-2014 Tersia / Vereeniging

  • Period:  2006 – 2014
  • Position: Cleaner (Sometimes Cook and Childminder)
  • Working Hours: 2 Days per week
  • Reason for termination: Employer relocated to Richards Bay


  • Cleaner
    • General cleaning of the house
    • Laundry and Ironing
    • Care for dogs and birds
  • Cook
    • Potatoes
    • Macaroni & Cheese
    • Fish fingers and chips
    • Stew (if you show her, she can do it)
    • Can cook from recipes

Cook, Childminder / Crèche

  • Period: ± 5 Years
  • Position: Look after kids. Prepare food in Kitchen
  • Reason for termination: I was in an accident


  • Cooking
    • Wors & Rice
    • Sandwiches
    • Eggs
    • Porridge
    • Spaghetti and mince
  • Childminder
    • Assist in the baby department
    • Look after the kids
    • Play with them
    • Prepare food for them
  • Cleaning
    • General cleaning of the kitchen
    • Cleaning of the class rooms


Skills and Interests

  • Loves Cooking
  • Friendly and open personality
  • Good English and Afrikaans Communication Skills

Reference feedback:

According to the references: Tersia (WhatsApp & Telephonically)

  • Seipati is known to me for the past 15 years, but she only worked for me for ± 9 Years
  • She worked for me for many years and I found her hardworking, trustworthy and loyal.
  • She can be trusted with elderly, children and animals.
  • She can be recommended for any domestic areas.
  • Seipati worked for me for a very long time, I also had my own crèche in Duncanville.
  • She was helping out there for me in the baby department.
  • Her duties were to help and look after the children, prepare food for them and cleaning of the crèche.
  • We had a daily menu worked out and she had to prepare the meals according to the menu.
  • Seipati also worked in my house where she did the general cleaning, laundry and ironing of the house. When needed, she used to cook for me as well. She is a hard worker and always eager and willing to learn more. She is a fast learner. Seipati is very, very trustworthy – I never had any problems with anything that went missing the ± 9 years that she worked for me. I still have contact with her and would recommend her anytime to any position. Any new employer are more than willing to contact me as well.
  • My in laws were also staying in a garden flat on or premises and Seipati used so clean their flat from time to time as well. She has very good communication skills and respect for other people.
  • I sold my crèche after my husband passed away and Seipati was still working there.
  • We relocated to Richards Bay that is why she is not working for me anymore.

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