• 27 Years
  • Nchabaleng
  • ID Number: 940220 ****
  • South African
  • From Zamdela
  • Fluent in English
  • Children: None

Experience: Muselwa Trading & Projects

  • 1 ½ Years course in Horticulture: Level 1 & 2 (2018 – 2019)
  • Practical & Theory
  • Gardening


Healthy – Yes

Smoking – Yes


  1. Identify the different organisms of the plant kingdom and their uses in horticulture.
    2. Identify the different soil types and describe their uses in plant propagation and landscaping.
    3. Operate a manual irrigation system and schedule the applications to suit the plants water requirements.
    4. Utilize stem cuttings for the propagation of plants.
    5. Implement the appropriate care for ornamental plants.
    6. Identify ornamental plants commonly used in the workplace.


  • Mondays – Fridays

Reference Feedback as per Facilitator

Nchabaleng were a very nice person to work with.

He is a very clever person and one of our top students.

Most of the time they worked independently, so I’m sure he will be able to put everything her learnt into his work.

Office Feedback:

Nchabaleng,  a  young person that needs an opportunity, he attended and completed his training in gardening and landscaping. NCH.. did very well in his practical’s and I could see that he has a very good idea about different plants and pruning trees. He lives with his mother and siblings and his step dad is employed. NCH communicates in English very well. I would recommend a trial period for him, I do see him as a potential good employee for our company.

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