Au pair Candidate:     Chany***

ID:                                   00100403***                

Address:                      ***Vaalpark        

Date of Birth:             2000/10/04         

Marital status:          Single          

Languages:                 Afrikaans and English         

Religion:                      Christian    

Health:                                        Excellent

Availability & Salary Requirement

Monday – Friday: Time from:  08:00 – 16:00

Salary:                                            R 150 per day


Driver’s license:                Code B (08)

Own Vehicle:                     Daihutsu Sirion

Senior Certificate             Grade 12

Student:                              Yes

Tertiary Education:          Current – Second year Pastoral Psychology student

My Motivation

Volledige en breedvoerige sinne skryf en in engels:

Jou planne vir die volgende 5 jaar? To complete my studies in BA Pastoral Psychology and PGCE and to start working as a school teacher but also a life coach at schools.

Hoekom moet dei gesin jou aanstel as hulle Au pair I enjoy it very much to work with children and feel that children can teach you more about the yourself than you would have every realized. I feel that I can make a great impact on a child’s life and help them with optimal development as well as to enjoy themselves and also help with learning processes.

Hoekom is jy lief cir kinders I feel that they are very honest and that they have a great impact on every life that they come across, while not actually trying to do so, they are very authentic and always try to do what they set their minds to.

Met watter ouderdom kinders sal jy mee gemaklik wees.  I am more comfortable with younger children between the ages of 3 years to 10 years.

Wat is jou sterkpunte en jou swak punte ?  I love working with people and feel that I am very trustworthy, I can solve problems quickly and I am very energetic about working with kids, I also have very good leadership skills. A weak point is that I tend to care to much and get too involved, I also have a very small heart.

Wt maak jou gelukkig en ongelukkig What makes me very happy is to see a child excel in what they are doing, and to see them improve in their learning and social skills. What makes me very unhappy is to see that a child is struggling and I don’t know how to help in that particular situation.

Career History: Crèche or Aftercare.

Private Household ***Au pair or Nanny or Childminder (Family or friends Children)

Period:                                 2 years                 

Position:              Sunday school teacher                                 

Working Hours:  07:00 – 09:00   

Age of the children:       4 years until 8 years.

Reason for leaving:         I wanted to join another church and join a larger group of people working with children.

Duties:                 I had to plan lessons and activities to teach the children about the Bible, I sometimes had to keep the children busy at Church gatherings and also provide them with activities to keep them busy and entertained.

Skills and Interests:

Baking:  I enjoy baking cookies and cakes as well as tarts and savoury baked goods.

Cooking:  I enjoy making food (I had consumer studies for three years and learned how to prepare food there as well) I can make a variety of foods for a balanced meal and I am also very aware of food allergies and take care to use only safe ingredients (if applicable).

Hobbies: I play Keybord and Violin. I love reading and arts and crafts. I also like to learn more about the environment in my free time. I also enjoy playing chess and other board games.

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