Sifting through CVs in order to find suitable candidates for employment can be tiring and confusing. A registered Domestic Agency like Helpers at Home ( will be able to help you pick out the candidates most suitable to your needs.

Some applicants may be highly skilled, but they do not have CVs. On the other hand, some applicants might have CVs, but these do not convey their true skill and potential.

When you look at an applicant’s CV, their certificates and qualifications, or their work experience in total might impress you, but it is often easy to overlook the reason they left their previous employers. However, this is not the end of the line.

Ensuring that applicants’ references are accurate and reliable is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, many applicants forge their reference letters. It is important to crosscheck the information supplied to you with colleagues, friends, family members, and the primary business owners. There might be subtle clues as to whether references are truthful and honest – look out for these.

You can contact to assist you with applicants’ background and skills check.

Should an applicant not have a CV, Helpers at Home will be happy to work with applicants who have at least three years’ verifiable work history.

Are you in need of a Housekeeper or Nanny? Be sure to tick all these boxes. Should you struggle to obtain information from an applicant or a reference, be wary! Applicants with nothing to hide will be like an open book.

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