Child Minder and Care Giver


Personal Information

  • ID – 69022039***(51 years old)
  • No Criminal Record
  • 1 Dependant –
  • Marital Status: Single
  • My health is Excellent
  • Fully Bilingual in Afrikaans and English
  • Salary requirement: R5000 negotiable depending on the area.



  • Graduated Grade 10 at Phehellang High School
  • Subjects Passed: S.Sotho, English, Afrikaans, History, Mathematics, Health Studies and Geography
  • Intro to PC from Leeds Computer Training
  • Security training from Mulun Security , Grades E, D and C
  • I have learned to assist with children with special needs and assist with their development and growth, both physically and mentally. I have been trained to assist with administration of medication, special meals and physical therapy


  •  I have been strongly involved in caring for children with Special Needs, medically and physically and keeping to routines, to assist in the child’s growth and development.



 Child Minding                       Educational Exercises                     Maintaining Routines

 Cleaning duties                     Cooking                                           Basic computer skills

 Security Training


Employment Objectives

I am Honest, trustworthy, always friendly, motivated, punctual, accurate, patient, tidy, polite, organized, and proud of what I do, willing to go the extra mile, and I can work independently. I am a good team worker, and respectable, I assure you of my best performance at all times.




Career History


Period:                                                October 2016 to 2020

Occupation                                        Child minder for a Specialist Cardiologist’s

  • Duties                                                Nanny
  •                                                                 Cooking

Reason for leaving:                      Child needs to go to a special school



Career History

Period:                                                 April 2011-Sep 2012

Occupation:                                        Special Needs minder for baby that is deaf and blind

Duties                                                  Tube fed child

Assisted with Neurological Physio Therapy

Administered medicines

Custodial care when child hospitalized – stayed

with child

Reason for leaving:                              Sadly passed away.



Career History

Period:                                                2007 – 2011

Occupation:                                      Child Minder and Domestic

Duties                                                    Caring for baby born with heart condition

and had to be tube fed from birth to  7 months.

Assisted with her occupational therapy and

Neurological physio therapy


House Keeping


Reason for leaving:                       Childs milestones reached and went to crèche.


Career History

 Period:                                                1997-2007

Occupation                                                  Child Minder and Domestic

  • Duties                                                    House Keeping
  •                                                                    Child Minder
  •                                                                    Cooking
  •                                                                    Catering


Liesbette has worked for my family since June 2016- January 2020 and has been am absulute blessingto us. Liesbette is one of those rare caregivers that we can trust and appreciate. She is Loyal, harworking and has a warm heart.

She is very meticulous in her workand eager to help out with any additional things required. Liesbet has dedicated time to understand my son’s (who is on the autism spectrum) needs and requirements. She has always treated all of us lovingly and that has been the greatest blessing, knowing that she truly cares for my son, meant that i had peace of mind, despite his condtion being challenging. I know she would always treat every situation in love.

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