Maria Pic

Personal Information

  • Housekeeper Candidate: Maria*****
  • Address:      Zamdela
  • Birthdate:   1970/09/18
  • ID Number: 700918 *****
  • Languages:                 English                  Home language: S. Sotho
  • Health: Good
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Dependents: ages: 1 (18 Years)

Availability & Salary Requirement

  • Monday – Friday
  • Travel to work
  • Salary: R4000 – R4500 (Neg.)


  • Grade 12
  • Nanny Training and First Aid Course (2010)
  • Driver’s License (Did renew it, waiting)

Career History:

Nanny Housekeeper / Branford Family / Vanderbijlpark

  • Period: 2009 – 2019
  • Position:  Nanny Housekeeper
  • Working Hours: 5 Days per week
  • Reason for termination: Relocated to Cape Town


  • Cleaning:
    •  Swept, vacuum, and polished all floors in the house
    • Sanitized, tidied, and maintained all assigned areas of the house
    • Dusted and wiped all light fixtures, baseboards, and windowsills, as needed
    • Moved cleaned and rearranged the furniture in rooms, in an efficient manner
    • Ensuring laundry is washed
  • Nanny
    • Caring for the child – from infant till school-going age
    • Always ensure hands are sanitized before handling the baby
    • Give him milk and medicine (when needed)
    • Nanny changing and stretch fingers and toes
    • Put baby to sleep and give him a bath
    • Teach him how to talk and different sounds of animals
    • Never leave him unattended
    • Remove dangerous things near him
    • Food preparation
    • Transportation to various activities
    • Ensuring the child’s general well-being
  • Light food preparation

Skills and Interests

  • Energetic and hardworking
  • Respectful and able to build sound relationships
  • Detail-orientated
  • Trustworthy and honest

Reference feedback:

According to the work references: Branford Family (Reference Confirmed)

Good day.  Yes, Maria was and still is a very valued part of our family.   We employed her when I found out that I was pregnant to mainly look after my child but she also did domestic work.  We never had any problems with her punctuality unless there were serious problems with taxi’s (such as striking), but she always let me know.  She is a very loyal, humble and trustworthy person. In the 10 years that she worked for me she was off sick once or twice. Never ever had anything got stolen from our house. During my pregnancy, we sent her on a fire fighting, first aid and nanny course.  Which turned out to be a good investment as she was able to help my son when he choked (he was about 2 years old).  She was at home alone with him and was able to handle and manage the situation.  She is very responsible as we were able to entrust her with educating him when he was small by giving her a daily plan to work according to.  As he got older she was responsible for driving him to and from school, and his activities… With our spare vehicle.  We have no complaints about her as she looked after our son from birth until 9years old, including her domestic duties. She was also very fond of our pets and made sure that they were looked after. There was never a requirement for her to cook for us but she did make sure food was cooked for my son – eggs and toast, crumpets, veggies, etc.  Unfortunately at the end of last year, we relocated thousands of kilometers away, otherwise, she would still be with us.  Should you need more information you are welcome to phone me.

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