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Personal Information
Housekeeper Candidate: Ester
ID: 750110 *****
Address: Evaton North
Contact number: 064 *****
Date of Birth: 19758/01/10
Marital status: Boyfriend
Languages: South Sotho, Home Language: English
Health: Very good, go to the clinic when needed if I am sick.
Dependents: 1 Child that is 15 years old.

Availability & Salary Requirement
Wish to travel to work: Monday – Thursdays
Salary: R180 per day , or R3500.00 per month
Grade 11

Career History
Private Household Smith Family / Kibler Park
Period: 2015 – October 2018
Position: Childminding Housekeeper
Ages of the kid: 3 months till 2 years
Working Hours: Started 3 days per week, then changed to 5 days per week
Reason for leaving: Child went to creche and they could not afford me

  • Duties:
  • Assist with general cleaning of the house
  • Laundry & Ironing
  • Childminding duties:
  • Look after the baby
  • Prepare and give bottle
  • Prepare porridge and cereal for baby
  • Play with the baby
  • Give him a bath
  • Baby was in a routine

Career History
Private Household Judge Family / Johannesburg
Period: 10 Years (until October 2017)
Position: Housekeeper
Working Hours: 2 Days per week
Reason for leaving: They relocated to KZN

  • Duties:
  • General cleaning of the house
  • Spring cleaning
  • Washing windows, curtains and walls
  • Laundry & Ironing

Skills and Interests:
Loves music and singing
Loves to cook
I love to clean

Reference feedback:
Smith Family:
Ester start working for us on a full time base when our child was born.
She is a kind, helpful and reserved lady. Esther has a good and humble character. She was mainly our baby boy’s nanny and she did the cleaning in between. She was always on time and never asked to leave early; my son loved her so much!! She worked with him daily. Always loyal towards her working hours. She is very trustworthy and an excellent child minder, she works fast and accurate and with attention to detail. Esther never had a attitude at work. She is a smart lady with brains in her head, she can think ahead, she is intuitive and a forward thinker. She worked for 2/3 years i think, IM unsure. We had to let her go because we were going through a tough financial stage.
You won’t regret hiring her

Judge Family:
She worked for me for several years. Honest and a good worker, used to get on with things on her own which was great. Happy with her. Can recommend!
We moved away from JHB 18 months ago and had to say goodbye to her then.
She just cleaned, no cooking.
On the whole was ok. Spoke good English, quite a clever girl.

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