Personal Information

Candidate:                                                           Carer ***

ID:                                                                          76111***

Address:                                                              Evaton ***

Contact number:                                              064 4***

Date of Birth:                                                     1976-11-12

Marital status:                                                   Single

Languages:                                    English,Zulu,Pedi,Afrikaans,Xhosa,Sotho


Availability & Salary Requirement

Monday – Sunday:  Flexible

Salary:                          R5500.00 (R250 per day

Available Day and Night shift



Senior Certificate             Grade 12



Career History:


Mrs Winter ***Private Household


Period:                                                                 2015  – 2017 March

Position:                                                             Nanny and cook for the children

Working Hours:                                           Babysitting over Weekends

Ages of children:                                            Grade R and 2 year old

Salary:                                                                  R3700 per day


Duties:                                                                 Helped at night when they went out

General Cleaning and laundry Washing and ironing


Counting body parts and charts

Jogging at park



Reference feedback Mrs Winter

Yes, very loyal an absolute darling. She never stayed away from work unless she asked for time off. I would say she was an excellent nanny my kids adore her. Her duties included cleaning washing ironing looking after my two kids 6years n 3years she use to cook for the kids in the day. She was with me for a long period of time. Unfortunately I went through a difficult time and couldn’t afford her. I would recommend her for anyone I wish I could have her back.



Career History: Pre-School**Employment has been confirmed



Period:                                                 2009  – 2015

Position:                                              Nanny and cook and cleaner

Working Hours:                             Monday – Friday

Ages of children:                            3 months – 18 months

2-3 year Bear Class

Salary:                                                  R2700 per month and R4900 when I left.


Duties:                                                 When someone was sick at baby section I helped out there

Help at School concerts

15:00 its play time with the little ones and then everyone have to assist.




Reason for leaving:                         Retrenched


Private Household***Govender **

Period:                                                                 20th December 2017-March 2018

Position:                                                             Care worker

Working Hours:                                           Live in(Assist in Hospital)

Ages of elderly people:                               66 years Female Diabetic (Had a stroke)

Salary:                                                             R1500.00


  • Duties:
  • Mother had a stroke she was in a wheelchair
  • Bath her
  • Feed her
  • Pick her up to toilet seat to and from.
  • Take Blood pressure
  • Sugar level tests


Reason for leaving:                         Was not needed of her service anymore.



Career History:

Sandra ***Private Household


Period:                                                                 2015 November – 2017 March

Position:                                                             Care worker

Working Hours:                                           Stay in Hospital with him Monday – Friday

Ages of elderly people:                               He was very big person.

He had cancer 10 days before he died.(Diabetic patient)

Salary:                                                  R300 per day


  •  Clean
  •  Bath him
  •  Turned him for bedsores and gave
  •  Sugar go up and down was monitor the sugar
  •  His wife helped me to give him a bath
  • According to his illness I made him dietary foods too much starch beef with little fat we boil don’t use fat…We used margarine to bake his eggs.
  • Give him plain yogurt
  • I had to read the bible to him.


Reason for leaving:                         Patient passed away.


Reference feedback: Govender Family

Hi. Absolutely amazing lady. My mum in law had a stroke in Dec 2017….admitted to hospital and only came out in March 2018….had to let Precious go cos she was idle at home.

She was a stay in caregiver so she went beyond her working times to help my mum in law.

Excellent caregiver.

She does think fir herself. You don’t need to tell her to do anything,  she takes the initiative. She cooked a few Indian dishes with the guidance of my mum in law.


Sandra Family

Hi Yes Prescious  Zulu started taking care for my father in  2015 November working as a caregiver so caring humble and reliable doing everything for my dad because he was bedridden helpless also took him for Dr’s appointments unfortunate my father died in March  2017 that is why she left thanks


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